Solar Fuels Umeå logo

The Solar Fuels Projekt is one of 14 „strong research environments“ at the
Umeå University in Sweden. It is a cross-disciplinary project involving 14 team
leaders from the fields of physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, plant
physiology, materials management, etc.Its purpose is to provide a creative
environment for interdepartmental research into transforming solar
energy into fuel. The logo symbolizes this work in the form of sunbeams
in the shape of drops of oil.


Artificial Leaf Umeå logo

The Artificial Leaf Projekt is one of the solar fuels research projects at
Umeå University. Researches are testing methods of simulating photosynthesis
through technology: using solar energy to transform water into hydrogen
and oxygen. The logo symbolizes this using a light reflection on an artificial leaf.
And because Umeå is known as the city of birch trees, we of course chose a
birch leaf.


The logo families

We developed the design of the logos and logo families.

  • Balancing out the typography
  • Optimizing the proportion of the logotype to the symbol, the character spacing,
    and the color of the type for three application sizes (small, medium, large)
  • Developing vector-based logo versions for Office applications

    Office templates

    We developed PowerPoint templates for presentations and posters in various
    sizes, as well as Word templates for letterhead based on the Umeå University template.
    One of the key aspects of this development work was giving each project its own
    identity while ensuring that its affiliation with Umeå University remains clearly visible.