Based on a design draft of the new Commerzbank logo created by MetaDesign,
we optimized the logo for use across all media and developed a logo suite.
This included:

  • Balancing out the typography and optimizing the shapes of the letters for small
    and large application sizes
  • Optimizing the gradients in the symbol for various application sizes and color versions.
  • Optimizing the proportion of the wordmark to the symbol for various application sizes
  • Optimizing the negative white version
  • Developing WMF files of the logo with gradients in color and gray scale for Office applications

We also developed a special version of the symbol for tall buildings to simulate
the depth of a 3D symbol. A true 3D symbol would have appeared completely
flat due to the considerable distance between the viewer and the symbol, and the
necessity of using a flat application on a building.

We also developed 25 additional logo families for Commerzbank subsidiaries in
addition to the Commerzbank logo family.