Based on a draft of the Audi rings created by MetaDesign, we optimized the rings
for use across all media and developed vector files. This included:

  • Correcting the perspective from one tilted slightly backwards to a straight one.
  • Slightly moving the ridges of each ring towards the inside
  • Simplifying and optimizing the gradients in the rings
  • Optimizing the colors to metallic, slightly blue shades.
  • Developing three sizes (S, M, L) in 4C and gray scale for application sizes
    ranging from 18 mm to 5 m

We created vector files for the Illustrator master files used for the logos.
For all DTP size versions we also integrated a certain proportion of soft gradients as
images into the logo. The edges and contrast lines are vectors that ensure a sharp
appearance. This allows the logos to be accessed more quickly and in perfect clarity.