Suzuki logo (2004/2005/2006)

Based on the Suzuki symbol featured on the company’s cars, we developed a 3D version
of the Suzuki logo for the Suzuki Germany corporate design. It included an outline with sharp
edges, like the ones in the previous DTP symbol, now also applied to the 2D logo. We also
reworked and balanced out the logotype so that the individual characters now look more energetic,
with more room to breathe, and trimmed down the line weight of the negative white versions
to ensure a uniform appearance with the positive versions.

We also developed a system, based on the shape of the symbol, to add energy to the arrangement of the
logotype and add-ons. To achieve this, we joined the left and right corners of the S in the symbol,
extending them and using them as positioning guides. As the corners are not positioned exactly over one
another, this results in vertical lines that are slightly slanted. We used these guiding lines to center
the logotype under the symbol. To align the logotype and add-on, we moved one of these guides to the right.

The 3D logo was used for a while in Germany, but as Suzuki continued refinement work on its corporate
design for Europe, it fell into disuse, and only the 2D logo was used.

In early 2006, Suzuki decided to stick with its old logo design for its global corporate design, so we developed
technically optimized logo files based on the original Japanese final artwork.