Werner Messinger, then working for MetaDesign, developed the entire logo collection for Volkswagen
in 1999. The final artwork was developed using FreeHand, but this as software is no longer being updated,
the logo needed to be converted to Illustrator. The small DTP application sizes also needed to be
optimized to allow faster access when a large number of logos is printed on one sheet; he achieved that
by increasing the image area in the logo files.

He also created vector files for all Illustrator master files as well as the former FreeHand master files,
and integrated a certain proportion of soft gradients as images into the logo. The edges and contrast lines
are vectors that ensure a sharp appearance. He updated the entire logo collection based on the new
Illustrator final artwork,

and developed an XXL version of the logo for applications up to 8 meters in diameter. These five size
versions mean the Volkswagen logo can appear in sizes ranging form 6 mm to 8 meters in diameter.