Volkswagen needed a deep drawn version of its 3D logo for use at its dealerships,
and asked MessingerDesign to create the files needed. Borsi was responsible for
the printing and deep drawing.

The 3D DTP logo already simulates a curvature, and deep drawing adds an actual one.
So the arch of the simulated curvature needed to be adjusted so that it maintained
its proper appearance after the deep drawing. This meant that the final artwork of the
3D logo needed to be completely recreated from the beginning, especially as it had
been created using FreeHand.
Volkswagen requested a Photoshop workflow for the deep drawn logo. This required the
final artwork to be created using Illustrator, as Photoshop is not able to rip
the FreeHand EPS files of the Volkswagen logo correctly and this is noticeable on
larger applications.

We created the final artwork using a total of four spot colors, two blue and
two grey, to ensure that the gradients appear as clean as possible in print applications.
We then created separate Photoshop final artwork files for each color separation for
the largest application size (1665 cm) from the composite file.